6 Rules Every Beginner Should Follow Lifting

(0-2 years training)
Beginner gainz are real. Here’s how to optimize them:
1️⃣Slow & Steady: Many people start out way to fast and try to accomplish all their goals in a couple weeks. Fitness is a lifelong journey; start treating it that way. Plus, the chances of burnout are exponentially higher when rushing anything. Just aim for steady and sustainable progress. This could be adding 5 pounds a week to each lift, losing a pound a week or gaining a pound a week; whatever it is, just stick to it.
2️⃣Establish Proper Form: This is probably the most important topic of them all. It’s hard to escape bad form after years of lifting wrong. Form can be changed, but why not do it right from the beginning. Establishing proper technique will add years to your weightlifting career, keep you healthy, and give you the best gains possible.
3️⃣More isn’t better: As a beginner you’re gains can be ridiculous and make you want to do more and more. However, it’s vital you don’t. This could be broken down into multiple posts since it’s so detailed. Long story short, you want to save some training variations for your intermediate and advanced stages or your gains will be affected negatively over time. A simple, linear progression program will be great.
4️⃣The Scale: Is just a tool. Learning to not be obsessed with how much you weigh is critical. The scale is a good tool to check progress and keep you on track at times. Don’t be afraid of gaining weight as a beginner. Unless you’re trying to lose weight of course 😉. Listen to your body and how you feel + look. Aim for gaining a pound per week if looking to add mass and aim for a pound a week if you want to lose weight 👍
5️⃣Supplements: There’s no need to spend tons of💰on supplements. As a beginner adding in a solid whey protein will be enough. Pre-workouts are fun, but not necessary. Buy high quality food instead of supplements.
6️⃣Proper Nutrition: Whether you’re looking to gain, lose, or maintain your weight, getting proper nutrition is 🔑. Aiming for about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is critical. Losing or gaining a pound or two a week is fantastic depending on your goal.

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