Ab Training for Aesthetics

Here are some solid go-to movements for building the abs specifically. If you want to build mainly your abs and not your obliques to keep a smaller waist, check out these exercises!
Ab roller: in my opinion, this is probably the best overall core and Ab movement. It can be challenging but is definitely worth it.
Plank: solid overall stabilization movement that will target your core and can help with squat and deadlift performance as well.
Machine crunch: great for those that find regular crunches/ sit-ups to be too easy. This exercise will build your abs specifically and not much of your obliques.
Hanging leg raise: works well for targeting the lower portion of the abs. Try to bring your knees up as high as possible when doing this movement. Can also be done with elbow supports instead of hanging.
On the screen is a sample Ab workout that could be done after another session or separately just not the day or two days before a heavy lower body session as the abs are needed to help stabilize the spine.
The arrows are just generally where the exercises target, not specifically the only spot an exercise works.
As always, abs are made in the kitchen but doing some direct Ab work can help make them “pop” a bit more.


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