Back Training For Strength and Size

Get your back stronger and looking better with these key principles!

1️⃣ Highest Muscle Activation: The underhand lat pull down to the sternum elicits the highest lat EMG activity (Boeckh-Behrens & Buskies).
2️⃣Utilizing a movement such as a rack pull will expose the back to high loads, which help the muscles grow. Therefore, I would suggest at least doing some sort of deadlift if looking to grow your back and get it stronger.
3️⃣Range of motion: Use a full range of motion! You’re only cheating yourself if you cut reps short, especially since the back responds much better to a full stretch and contraction.
4️⃣Accessory Exercises: Hitting your back from different angles is vital to growth. Make sure to include a horizontal and vertical pull. Also, utilizing a reverse fly will help develop the middle part of your back that other movements don’t always work. Also, an exercise like a straight arm lat pull down, is a great way to get a good stretch and induce muscle damage, which causes growth.
5️⃣Tips and tricks: Leaning back during lat pull downs, as in the picture, has shown an 11% increase in EMG activity of the lats! Also, during DB Rows going from a neutral wrist position at full stretch to a supinate position when fully contracted increases lat activation. Make sure to feel the stretch in the lats before initiating the movements. Slow eccentrics always help with breaking down the muscle which is critical for muscle growth. Eccentric-focused reps are a great addition for any hypertrophy-focused plan.

6️⃣Sample Back Workout:
🔸Rack Pulls w/wide grip: 3x6
🔹Lat pulldowns: 4x8
🔸1 Arm DB Row: 3x10
🔹DB shrugs: 3x12
🔸DB reverse fly: 3x15

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