Best Bodyweight Exercises

Don’t have weights or a gym to workout at? These exercises are perfect for you. 
As a general rule, bodyweight training will require higher reps (15+) and sometimes more frequency because the ability to add weight is nonexistent. However, you can still make great progress in your physique with only bodyweight movements.
Here’s how I would progress these movements once the regular versions are too easy:
1. switch to one legged versions if possible to help offset not being able to add weight to the bar.
2. Control the eccentric or negative portion for 2-3 seconds on each rep.
3. Splitting your volume up and doing one work out in the morning and then one work out at night could be beneficial also instead of doing all the volume in one workout.
4. Traditional progressive overload through increasing sets, reps, weight it if possible, etc will also work with bodyweight movements.

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