Daily Undulating Periodization For Strength Training


Want to get strong but gain muscle too? Check out D.U.P.
Daily undulating periodization is a type of programming where you train in different rep ranges throughout the week. For example, Monday would be 8 reps, Wednesday would be 5 reps and Friday could be 3 reps for the main movements.
This allows you to focus on hypertrophy and strength in the same week!
A study done by Dr. Zourdous and colleagues found that a hypertrophy, power, and then a strength day worked better than a hypertrophy, strength, then power day for DUP programming. This is interesting since at the end of the week, you’ll have done the same thing but just at different times/days. It’s not clear exactly why this is, but it’s presumed because the power day is less fatiguing and gives the body+mind extra time to recover for the strength session later in the week. It could also be that some neural adaptations take place after the power day which increase strength.
The program I put in the graph above shows a solid option for this type of program. On the power day, make sure to move the bar as fast as you can!
HSP stands for hypertrophy, strength, then power.
HPS stands for hypertrophy, power, then strength.


  • Darren- Arguably the most common upper body exercise every one does is the bench press which is why I would assume that it’s usually included in DUP programs. However, if you wanted to swap out the bench for an overhead press I think you could. I would just make sure to add in some sort of horizontal pressing movement that is similar to the bench press so you can develop the chest because it’s not used very much in an overhead press. Hope that helps!

  • Hi mate, can you help with this? Every DUP training programme I’ve seen has bench, squat, deadlift, but none have had shoulder presses can you please tell me why this is? Thank you


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