Design Your Own Strength Training Program

There are a couple key points to developing a proper strength program.

1️⃣Follow Prilepin’s chart. This is probably one of the most important parts to developing an optimal program. This will help you determine how much weight to use, for how many reps and sets, as well as total reps.
2️⃣Have a set progression. This could be doing more sets, reps, or weight per workout. Other things like shortened rest time, develop qualities such as endurance and anaerobic capacity well, but not absolute strength optimally. The most important progression is simply moving more total weight per workout.
3️⃣Program for your current training cycle. If you’re getting ready for a powerlifting meet in 4 weeks, your program will look much different than and bodybuilder just looking to add mass. As a general rule of thumb, the farther you are out from competing, the more general your program should be (higher volume, larger exercise variation). If you’re not looking to compete and just want to get in better shape, keeping total volume relatively high most of the year would be best since there’s no need to peak for a meet.

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