Essential Lower Body Exercises

Everyone should perform some variation of these for optimal lower body strength and size:
🔸Squat: Crowned the “king of lower body exercises” should be a staple in most people’s programs. EMG studies show the squat to be a tremendous quadriceps developer as well as a decent glute developer. However, the quadriceps are mostly targeted.
🔹Deadlift: A tremendous posterior chain developer that hits your hamstrings, glutes, and low back very well. Whether you choose a conventional, sumo, trap-bar, RDL, or another variation, picking one you like and respond well to is key.
🔸Lunge: This movement is great for quadriceps development and will make your glutes sore from the large stretch with maximum tension on that muscle in the movement. However, that’s key for muscle growth, making it a good thing. Also, the lunge is unilateral making it a solid solution to even out muscular imbalances.
🔹Hip Thrust: Last but not least, the hip thrust is the king of glute development exercises. The thrust is similar to the deadlift in that it’s a hip hinge movement, but is much better at targeting the glutes specifically. In fact, it shows the highest EMG activity of all glute excercises!

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