Gender Differences In Training

The vast majority of training for men and women should be the same. However, there are a few important nuances that should be address to build an optimal program for you:
1️⃣Women can usually handle more volume per workout. This is because their bodies utilize more fat during exercise than men do, making them more resistant to fatigue.
2️⃣Men utilize more carbs and glycogen stores during exercise than women. Also, they generally have greater proportions of type 2, fast twitch, fibers which makes them better suited for short-burst exercises.
▪️Practical Training Applications▪️
🔹A good example of this difference could be doing sets of 5 on squats. For men, it would be best to use 80-83% of 1RM whereas women could use 84-88% of 1RM.
🔸Women can handle a higher overall workload, because of more type 1 fibers, which means adding an extra set or two to the main movements, would be beneficial. This could also be done through more reps per set.
🔹Men generally respond better to higher intensity bursts of exercise, such as sprints, than women do. Therefore, doing hiit instead of liss cardio might be a good idea. ▪️At the end of the day, much of the training should be the same. However, the details are what make truly optimal programs and let you get the most out of your exercise.

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