Hip Hinges for Glute Training

Hip hinge movements should be a staple for anyone trying to grow their glutes. A major function of the glutes is to do that exact movement which makes it a good choice to have for an exercise. These are some of my favorites when making programs, but there are other good ones not included here too.
When doing these exercises, some will be better than others for this, try to feel a stretch on the glutes followed by a contraction to move the weight.
Most of these movements can be loaded heavy (5-10 reps usually). The hip thrust, conventional deadlift, and sumo deadlift can probably be loaded the most while the others will use a bit less weight.
The KB swing is one that can be beneficial as a sort of cardio-focused movement because of the faster pace of the exercise while still working the glutes and fits well as an accessory movement in a program.


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