How To Deadlift Properly


Before starting the lift make sure to: Get shins vertical as possible & close to bar. Brace your core by taking a big breath and expanding your stomach, then keep that pressure in your core. Tighten your back by flexing lats and rolling shoulders down & back. Pull slack out of bar before starting pull, don’t just yank the bar off the ground.
Once starting the lift: Keep the bar close to your body, maintain flat back and braced core. Push through heels to help move bar up. It’s key here to not let your hips just shoot up. Instead focus on pushing through your heels to help with the hip hinge, not just for hips to move higher vertically.
When the bar reaches thigh height or so: Push hips forward (hip hinge) and maintain a flat back. Make sure not to round your upper back during this phase because it can lead to back pain.
During the lockout: Flex the glutes to finish the lift 💪

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