Optimal Arm Growth

Training the arms optimally will result in the best growth in strength and size possible. Here’s how to do it:👇
Biceps: The Biceps can take a good amount of frequency because they can’t produce much force relatively and therefore don’t take as long to recover as bigger muscles. Hitting them from different angles like a preacher curl, hammer curl, barbell curl, and concentration curl is also key to recruit all fibers in the muscle.
Stick with 14-22 sets per week of Bicep work which could be spread over as many as 6 days. Also, higher reps will work best for the Biceps and most of your training for them should be in the 8-20 rep range.
Triceps: The Triceps can produce a bit more force than the Biceps can and are already heavily used in exercises like the bench press or overhead press. Therefore, they don’t need quite as much isolation work as the Biceps. Some great movements for the Triceps are close grip bench press, Tricep pushdowns, overhead Tricep extensions, and dips.
Sticking with 10-16 sets per week of Tricep isolation movements spread out over 2-4 days will be good for most people. Also, most of your Tricep isolation movements should be done in the 8-20 rep range as well since they’re already exposed to heavy loads with the bench press and overhead press.


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