Optimal Core Training

If you’ve ever liked any of the information on this page, you're going to love the programs that were just released. Super excited to release these products. They’re the result of years of research and nearly a year of actually testing and retesting the programs, making adjustments so you can get the best results possible in the shortest time possible. You won’t be disappointed in these programs. As a thank you to everyone following on make sure to use code INSTAGRAM for 20% all programs for the next 7 days until July 9th 2018.
👉Here are the best core movements based on muscle activation for building a strong, chiseled core!
Upper Abs: Ab Wheel and Arms Extended Crunch
Lower Abs: Hanging Leg Raises and Lying Leg Raises
Serratus Anterior: Dumbbell Pullover and Side Twist Crunch
Obliques: Side Bend and Side Plank
3-4 Sets of 8-15 Reps, 2-3 times per week will work great for most looking to develop the core specifically.

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