Optimal Muscle Training Frequency

It can be hard figuring out how much work you need to do for a muscle to grow. Follow these general guidelines for training frequency for optimal results.
You’ll notice there are a few similarities between all the muscles. One being, that all muscles should be trained at least 2 times per week for maximum benefit. Some smaller muscles, like the shoulders, can be trained more. Another is that none should be trained 7 days per week. It’s key to give your muscles some sort of break each week to let them recover and grow bigger+stronger.
If you’re looking to grow your glutes specifically, you could do pumper exercises such as banded sumo walks, banded sume lateral walks, frog pumps, elevated glute bridges among others up to 6 days per week. The key is to do only pumpers, not stretchers and activators, at that high of a frequency.

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