Phase Potentiation For Strength Training

In order to get the most out of your training, going through different training (periodization) blocks can work very well. Here are the different blocks you should go through:
1️⃣Hypertrophy: 3 weeks-6 months spent on getting bigger and gaining muscle. This usually involves higher volume workouts which is a greater stimulus for the body, leading to more gains. A 4x8 rep scheme would focus on hypertrophy.
2️⃣Strength: 3 weeks-6 months spent converting those bigger muscles to stronger muscles. All things equal, a bigger muscle will be stronger which is why it’s important to do the hypertrophy block first. The strength phase will usually involve lower volume, heavier weights, and fewer reps per set. A 3x5 rep scheme would focus on strength gain.
3️⃣Peaking: 3 weeks-3 months is a usual time frame for this part. This is only for people looking to compete in a powerlifting meet or want to test their 1 rep max. It’s important to because fatigue builds up over time from the previous cycles and this peaking block helps decay that fatigue. Basically, you squeeze all the strength out at this point that you gained from the previous hypertrophy and strength block. A 4x2 rep scheme could be an example of what you would do during a peaking block for the main lifts.

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