Pre-Fatigue For Muscle Growth


Often times, the bigger muscles of the body, such as the pecs or lats, don’t get stimulated as much as they should in compound movements. Adding in pre-fatigue methods will help target these muscles, leading to better gains. Here’s how to do it👇
1️⃣Pick an isolation movement such as chest flyes for the chest or a straight arm lat pull down for the lats and do for 20 reps. You should leave a couple reps in the tank and not go to complete failure on this part.
2️⃣ Next, superset with a compound movement that utilizes that muscle. This could be dumbbell bench press for the pecs or chin ups for the lats.
3️⃣This works well because the limiting factor for chin ups will be your biceps, not your lats. The limiting factor for your bench press will be your triceps, not your pecs. This leaves the lats and pecs not getting as much stimulation as they should which is why it can be a good idea to pre-fatigue them before these compound movements.
💭There are a bunch of combinations for this method to work. The main idea is to simply do an isolation movement that targets a larger muscle specifically, then move into a compound movement where that muscle is also worked but isn’t the limiting factor.

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