Push Day Basics

Do a push/pull/legs split but not sure how to organize your push day? Check the info out below!

There are two main upper body presses: the horizontal and vertical press. The horizontal press is better for chest development, whereas the vertical press is better for front delt work. The horizontal—> vertical press is a continuum where the more of an incline there is, the more the front delts will be emphasized and the less of an incline there is, the more the chest will be emphasized. Both movements will work the triceps similarly.

I usually suggest doing 1-2 horizontal and 1-2 vertical presses per push workout along with 1-2 Tricep-specific exercises for growth. Mixing in a couple sets of overheard tricep work or tricep exercises at different angles can be beneficial to target other areas of the tricep as well.
Staying between 8-15 reps usually with 5-8 total sets targeting the chest/front delt area will work well for most. The triceps should have slightly lower volume with around 6-8 total sets per week of direct tricep work.

Most people find good gains with 2-3 sessions per week as well.


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