Why You're Not Getting Stronger

Can’t seem to add pounds to the bar? Here are 6 reasons why this might be happening:
1️⃣Lack of volume: If you’re only doing 2 sets of squats per week, your squat probably won’t go up much. Aiming for around 12-15 sets per muscle group, per week will work well for most.
2️⃣No Progession: If you’re doing the same reps, sets, and weight week after week, it could be time to switch it up. Maybe try a high volume hypertrophy day, and a lower volume strength day in your workouts instead of the same 3x10 every workout.
3️⃣Recovery: Giving your muscles time to repair and grow is vital. Your muscles don’t grow when you’re working out, they grow when you’re recovering. Make sure you’re eating enough, getting 8 hours of sleep if possible, and staying hydrated. Also, taking a couple days before doing the same body part again will help tremendously.
4️⃣Technique: There’s nothing else that can add pounds to the bar quicker than building sound form. Take the time to learn how to squat, bench, deadlift, and overhead press properly. Also, with poor form you’re putting yourself at a greater risk of injury and not lifting as much as you could.
5️⃣Weight: It’s ok to gain weight in the pursuit of strength. In fact, it helps tremendously. If you’re stalled in the weight room, try putting on about a pound a week and I’m sure it will be much easier to get stronger.
6️⃣Improper Programming: 3 sets of 15 reps isn’t the best way to gain strength. Utilizing lower reps (3-8) on the heavy compound movements is much better. A great, simple progression is using a 3x5 starting with 80% of your 1RM, twice a week and adding 5 pounds to the bar every week.

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