Women's Upper/Lower Body Sculpting Program

If you’re looking to grow your lower body and define you upper body, check out this program! 
🏋️‍♀️ This program is designed for women in mind since it has higher volume for the lower body and glutes with lower volume for the upper body. However, if you’re a guy and those are your goals, by all means try it out 💪. Aim to add weight (5-10 pounds) to each movement every week or two.
👀A word on “toning” : Many women look to tone their upper body without building it too much. To do this, I would recommend lifting heavy in the compound movements and adding in a few accessory movements that are in the 10-15 rep range. There’s no need to waste your time doing over 25 reps on exercises. Higher reps could be good for a warm up, but they won’t do anything for building your muscles. Training for strength will give you what you’re looking for, not ultra high reps with low weight.

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