8 Week Beginner Program
8 Week Beginner Program

8 Week Beginner Program

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Perfect for men and women lifters who have less than 6 months of lifting experience and are wanting to improve their body composition by getting stronger and building muscle.

- Can be used whether you want to build muscle, lose fat, or simply maintain your current physique.

- Includes a full body workout routine focused on building strength and size while also working on getting in good cardiovascular shape.

- Is based on scientific principles that are proven to work.

- Program is designed specifically for beginner lifters.

- Built in de-load so you can repeat the program multiple times.

- Utilizes daily undulating periodization (DUP), metabolite training, and classic linear periodization to give you the best results possible.

- Also includes cardio recommendations and a warm up routine.

-If the program is ever updated for any reason, you will receive a new program via email free of charge.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many days per week is the program?

- The program is 3 days per week.


How long are the workouts?

- Each workout should last roughly 45-60 minutes.


Can I do this at any gym?

- Yes, this plan can be done at any gym. However, it cannot be done at home because equipment and weights are required.


How do I receive the program?
-The program will be sent to you via email upon purchasing and is accessible via an Excel Spreadsheet. There are directions on how to view if you don't have Excel, but the program is only guaranteed to work in Microsoft Excel.




Do not buy this program if:
-You’re pregnant or looking to become pregnant
-Are under the age of 18 or over the age of 65
-Are injured or treating an injury
-Don’t have software to access training program specifically Microsoft Excel or similar program
-Don’t have access to a gym


-Consult your physician before starting this or any training program.

-Strength With Sam LLC is not responsible for any injuries that may be caused as a result of this program. You accept all responsibility for any injuries and exercise at your own risk.